I want to apologise to the trans community if I hurt them: Actor Anjali Ameer – The News Minute

With her film ‘Peranbu’ about to release, Anjali Ameer, who plays a trans woman in the film, speaks of learning Tamil, being in ‘Bigg Boss’ and more

The ice breaks when I mispronounce Peranbu, the new Tamil film that’s won some pats for itself at festivals outside India, and recently in Goa. Till then Anjali Ameer had sounded serious, the wariness of speaking to a stranger over phone. But then she laughs freely, “It is Per-anbu, not Per-aan-bu. But don’t ask me the meaning. It is something like unconditional love,” she says, trailing off dreamily. For the record, Peranbu means ‘great love’.

She is in Chennai now, for another shooting. And Kerala-born-and-raised Anjali is already fluent in Tamil. Ask her to speak one line in Tamil, and she’d say let’s make the whole conversation in Tamil. And Peranbu is her first Tamil film, acting with a man she’s been hearing so much about ever since she can remember.

“Mammootty, yes, I am a fan, too. Mammootty and Mohanlal are the names you hear about since the time of your birth,” Anjali says. But she has another reason to be grateful to Mammootty. He was the one who had suggested her name to director Ram when he was looking for someone to play a trans woman’s character in Peranbu. Anjali is a trans woman, so it made sense to cast her rather than a male actor dressed up as a woman, as has been the practice.

But that story is old now. How Mammootty met Anjali in a television show, and was so impressed by her that he made the recommendation. For Peranbu, Anjali turned into Meera, a person who comes into the lives of the characters played by Mammootty and his on screen daughter played by Sadhana.

However, television shows have not always been a boon for Anjali. She had recently participated in the Malayalam Bigg Boss, hosted by Mohanlal. Something she said on the show has hurt the trans community, she says, and she is very upset about it.

“It is a misunderstanding. We are taped for 24 hours but it is only the short, edited version of an hour that you see on the show. So some of the lines you say can be taken out of context. It was something about sex work, and something I said against it. Many in the trans community end up doing sex work for their livelihood. All of us have gone through different, difficult circumstances and none of us is in a position to criticise or judge each other. I am very sad about this, many in the community don’t talk to me now. I want to say sorry to all those who had felt hurt by anything I said,” Anjali says.

Speaking more on the struggles of the community, Anjali says, “You need money, lots of money (for hormones and laser treatment). Many in the trans community are not educated, very few have jobs. To top it all, there is the discrimination you face from the society and at your own home. I could never accuse anyone from the community for the work they do, you know that, right?” she asks.

She doesn’t, however, dwell on the past, the denied acceptance, the uncaring attitudes from the society. She says instead, with a small laugh, “Not many have hurt me. If there’s been any hurt at all, it might have been caused by me. We always need problems in life to be stubborn about winning. When you are alone in life, you will take care of yourself.”

Modelling and the show business are what Anjali began working on as a teenager, finishing her tenth standard board exams in 2010. With the help of a mentor-like person called Santhosh. “He groomed me and even now does my makeup. He is a guardian for me, my parent, my brother,” Anjali says.

She speaks with similar respect for director Ram, a man whom she describes as carrying his movies in his mind.

“His movies are in his mind, so on the spot, he’d tell you the dialogue to say. I play a sentimental character (in Peranbu). There is crying, but no glycerin. I would be walking around the sets cheerfully when he’d suddenly call me and tell me that it is a scene where I cry!” she says.

When Anjali watched Kattradhu Tamizh and Thanga Meengal, she was so overwhelmed that she would get to work in a film by this director.

“The crew was good too, it was all very homely,” she shares.

Anjali has acted in Malayalam as well – Suvarna Purushan, a film about Mohanlal fans, and Soochiyum Noolum. And now there is a Telugu film happening, but she can’t talk about it yet.

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Kurt Angle replaced Zack Ryder in WWE Royal Rumble match, was not part of the original plot: Report – Times Now

Kurt Angle WWE

Kurt Angle took part in WWE Royal Rumble. Photo credits: WWE.com&nbsp

Kurt Angle was just one of the two WWE Hall of Famers who entered the ring during WWE Royal Rumble that took place on Sunday. The proceedings opened with Elias present in the ring. Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett was the second one to join the match. Shinsuke Nakamura was the third participant and then came the turn of Angle, who was the second superstar to be eliminated after Jarrett.

At no stage, it looked like he was there in the ring to win as he could just survive for three minutes and 15 seconds before being eliminated by Nakamura. A report in Wrestling Observer Newsletter has now suggested that Angle was never supposed to compete in the match and he ended up replacing Zack Ryder, the new tag team partner of Kurt Hawkins. 

It is a big surprise to learn that Angle was not a part of original plans for Royal Rumble as the WWE legend had himself given indications that he wants to compete in Royal Rumble.

Angle was not the only superstar to replace another wrestler in the match as Niax Jax also entered the match in place of R-Truth, whom she attacked from behind to not allow him to enter the ring. In the end, Seth Rollins would send Braun Strowman from over the top to win the 30-man Royal Rumble.

Talking of Angles’ WWE future, there is still no clarity over it as Angle had recently said that he cannot take part in matches. On Monday, however, he took part in a one-on-one match against Baron Corbin, where he also lost the tie.

Angle was expected to replace Corbin as the General Manager of Raw after TLC but that didn’t happen. Going forward, there are chances that Angle might take over the role soon. Presently, the McMahon family is the head of all the proceedings in WWE.

Sara Ali Khan reveals her mom Amrita Singh used to confiscate her books – here’s why – Times Now

Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

It won’t be wrong that Sara Ali Khan, who made her big Bollywood debut with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath, has already become B-town’s favourite. Not only with her acting skills, but the diva has also won many hearts with her sense of style. But did you know Sara, who has become one of the most popular star kids today, was once a book worm? 

Recently, at the Leadership Lecture Series of Global Indian International School, Sara opened up about her nerdy days and said, “Acting has always been a dream, but then I got distracted. Firstly, I was really fat and secondly, I was very nerdy, and the combination meant that I shouldn’t be acting,” reports Times of India. 

She added, “So I used to keep studying and there was a time when my mother used to confiscate my books because she would say it’s not normal to study so much.” 

The actress also revealed that when she was younger, she wanted to make her career in medicine. “When I finished the tenth grade, I was almost convinced that I wanted to do medicine. But the thing is that I have a mild tremor problem and I realised that I can’t do surgery. So, I decided to do law and I studied History and Political Science. But then in my last year, I did an acting course,” said Sara. 

On the work front, Sara has already entered the Rs 200 crore club with second release Simmba. The movie was directed by Rohit Shetty and starred Ranveer Singh in the lead role. For both her films the young debutant received a lot of praise. The diva is yet to announce her next project. 

Stay tuned to this space for more updates! 

Revealed: The Undertaker’s opponent for WWE Wrestlemania 35 – Yahoo India News

The Undertaker is inarguably the greatest performer ever in the history of Wrestlemania. This year marks his 27th match and the record currently stands at 24-2 at the ‘show of shows’. It will be interesting to see whether he improves this record or digests a third loss against a young name who has the potential to carry the WWE brand in years to come.

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