Mexico: plane crashes near Durango but all 101 people survived, says governor

Mexico: plane crashes near Durango but all 101 people survived, says governor

An Aeromexico airliner carrying 101 people from the Mexican city of Durango to the country’s capital has crashed soon after take-off, but all 97 passengers and four crew survived the accident, according to Mexican officials.

Eighty-five people were injured in the accident – some seriously – but José Rosas Aispuro, the governor of Durango state, said on Twitter that there were no fatalities.

A spokesman for the Durango state health ministry said two of the victims were in critical condition.


Aeromexico flight 2431 was carrying 97 passengers and four crew, according to Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Mexico’s secretary of communication and transport.

The plane – an Embraer 190 – landed in a field near the state capital’s airport at around 4pm.

“The plane was taking off,” Rosas told Mexican television, adding that witnesses told him there was “a bang” and then without warning the plane was on the ground.

In a statement, Aeromexico said: “At the moment we have no reports of any casualties … We are deeply regret this accident. The families of all those who have been affected are in our thoughts and in our hearts.”

Protección Civil Durango Capital

Al momento se registró un accidente aéreo en las inmediaciones del Aeropuerto Internacional Guadalupe Victoria, todas las unidades de emergencia acuden al lugar por lo que solicitamos a la población abrir paso a las unidades de emergencia.

July 31, 2018

Durango state civil defense office published photos of a smoking but apparently relatively intact plane lying on its belly in a field. Lines of ambulances were waiting at the accident site.

“We are working to gather further information and will provide more details when they are available and have been confirmed. Our priority is guaranteeing the safety of the clients and crew aboard,” Aeromexico said.

Several injured passengers were able to walk from the wreck, according to the Sin Embargo news website, and victims were taken to local hospitals.

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